How I Scan Sprocket Holes

I’ve been asked quite a few times lately how I scan my sprocket holes on my negatives.  So here is a step by step using the software I use. FYI, I have a Canoscan 8800F.  This Tutorial uses the supplied software (MP Navigator EX) and should work on most Canon Scanners with dedicated film scanning.  You also Need a Digitalza Scanning Mask. Please remember if you are using Windows, the images will look slightly different. If you have no idea what the hell I’m talking about, don’t keep reading 🙂

Here Goes…

Launch the MP Navigator EX software (located in the Canon Utilities folder in your applications folder (Mac) or in your programs folder (Win).
You should see this window:


After clicking on the icon highlighted above, you will see this window:

click on the image for full size


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